Hayleigh Greer

Hayleigh Greer

Hayleigh is a sales representative in one of the estate agencies and wanted to create a personal branding style for herself to move forward in her career and her name to be recognisable in the industry.

Name Logo, Thank You and Congratulation Cards, Market Report / Location: Australia

We started with chosing a simple, elegant sans-serif font for her logo that was then applied onto the stationery.

The A4 report was to be sent out quarterly to the clients. Its a property report and market update, providing clients with information on what is happening in the area, sales and articles.

In Hayleigh’s sales process Thank You cards are given after every appraisal and Congratulations Cards are given upon exchange and settlement of a property to the vendors and purchasers. We designed them along with the report, so everything is consistent.